It’s a Great Day for Grilled Cheese!

It’s a great day for grilled cheese! Try our featured Grilled Cheese, made with onion and peppers and spicy mustard on your choice of our homemade bread! We’re also offering Vegetable Barley Soup, Beef Chili, French Onion Soup and Shepherd’s Pie too! Don’t forget to save room for a delicious maple cone for dessert!

Our Maple Ice Cream Is Here to Stay!

Our Maple Ice Cream is here to stay! We’re bucking the trend and continuing our maple ice cream! Stop in for a cone or milkshake…a delicious treat anytime!

Our Bacon Avocado Wrap is Simply Scrumptious!

Looking for the perfect lunch today? Hager’s has got you covered! The Bacon Avocado Wrap is our featured sandwich today! So delicious, there aren’t any words except “yum”! Our hot entrees include Beanies & Weenies (it is Wednesday after all), Shepherd’s Pie, Tomato Bisque, French Onion Soup and Beef Chili. So many delicious choices, and that’s not even including all the delicious burgers, sandwiches and salads on our menu! Stop in and enjoy a delicious lunch at Hager’s today!

Warm Up with Our Hot Soups & Entrees!

Happy Monday! After yesterday’s warm temperatures, we are back to the cold today! Warm up with our Creamy Carrot & Parsnip Soup, Lazy Golumpki, Sausage, Onion & Pepper Strata, Chicken & Dumplings and Beef Chili. Today’s sandwich special is our Turkey Swiss Melt, a delicious grilled sandwich made with melted swiss cheese and chipotle ranch dressing on your choice of our homemade bread. Delicious alone or when paired with a side of our house cut french fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings! Our maple ice cream is still available…great for dessert for a yummy sweet treat anytime!

It’s Beanies & Weenies Wednesday!

It’s Beanies & Weenies Wednesday! Stop in for this always delicious favorite dish, plus we have Corn Chowder, Chicken Cacciatore, Tomato Bisque and Beef Chili too! Today’s featured sandwich is the always popular Maple Oinker, grilled ham and Cabot cheddar, our maple syrup and grilled onions on your choice of our homemade bread. This would pair well with our sweet potato fries! Yum!

Don’t forget, maple soft serve is still available this week!

Warm Up with A Delicious Lunch at Hager’s!

Warm up with our Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Corn Chowder, American Chop Suey, Roasted Chicken with Veggies & Rice or our Beef Chili. So many delicious lunch options, but wait, there’s more! Our Roast Beef & American Melt is today’s special, made with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and mayo on a wrap! Add a side of our house cut french fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings for an even tastier lunch! Plenty of specialty sandwiches, burgers and salads too-stop in and check out all that Hager’s has to offer for lunch!

Try Our Spinwich Sandwich for Lunch Today!

Looking for something delicious for lunch today? We have plenty of delicious offerings for you! Our Spinwich is sure to hit the spot, made with our homemade egg salad topped with fresh spinach and dill mayo on our homemade roll. Yum! We’re also offering Weenies and Beanies, Roast Beef Casserole (our own beef with rice, mushrooms and spinach in a cream sauce), Cream of Spinach Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup and Beef Chili. What can we make you for lunch today?

Stop in and Enjoy a Hearty, Homemade Lunch Today!

Snow, snow and more snow! While you’re out enjoying the snow, stop in and enjoy a hearty, homemade lunch! Today we are offering Spicy Sausage Hageroni, Creamy Carrot and Parsnip Soup and Beef Chili. How about a sandwich? Try our featured sandwich, the Roast Beef Melt…made with Cabot cheddar, onions and peppers, lettuce and tomato on a wrap. Plenty of burgers, salads and specialty sandwiches too…plus breakfast (sandwiches, omelets, pancakes and more). So many delicious reasons to stop in at Hager’s!

Have You Tried Our Avocado Club?

Comfort food during these cold days! Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, our own Maple Glazed Ham, creamy Clam Chowder and Beef Chili! Our featured sandwich is the Avocado Club-a traditional turkey club made even more delicious with the addition of fresh avocado! Don’t forget to add a side of hot, crispy french fries!

We’re Baking Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Carrot Cake and Blueberry Lemon Bread Today!

It’s buffalo chicken day here at Hager’s Farm Market! Enjoy your buffalo chicken in today’s featured sandwich or in our scrumptious pasta dish…delicious whichever you choose! We are also serving Cheese Lasagna and a fresh pot of Beanies and Weenies, back by popular demand! Of course our Beef Chili is always a delicious option too!

Thinking dessert? A fresh batch of pumpkin whoopie pies are ready for eating and carrot cake is in the oven! Homemade blueberry lemon bread is planned for this afternoon…be sure to make a stop at Hager’s on your way home and pick up a sweet treat or two!